Workshop Program

9:00am - Welcome

9:15am - Paper Session I: PCG Techniques

A Prototype Quest Generator Based on a Structural Analysis of Quests from Four MMORPGs
Jon Doran and Ian Parberry

Two Methods for Voxel Detail Enhancement
Adam M. Smith

SpeedRock: procedural rocks through grammars and evolution
Isaac M. Dart, Gabriele De Rossi and Julian Togelius

10:45am - Coffee Break

11:15am - Paper Session II: Rethinking PCG

What is procedural content generation? Mario on the borderline
Julian Togelius, Emil Kastbjerg, David Schedl and Georgios N. Yannakakis

PCG-Based Game Design: Enabling New Play Experiences through Procedural Content Generation
Gillian Smith, Elaine Gan, Alexei Othenin-Girard and Jim Whitehead

Level Design as Model Transformation: A Strategy for Automated Content Generation
Joris Dormans

12:45pm - Lunch

2:00pm - Panel: Should PCG Change Game Design or Game Design Change PCG?

Moderator Adam M. Smith, UC Santa Cruz
Panelists Ian Bogost, Georgia Tech
  Joris Dormans, Amsterdam University of Applied Science
  Michael Mateas, UC Santa Cruz
  Ian Parberry, University of North Texas

3:30pm - Coffee Break

4:00pm - Paper Session III: Virtual Worlds

Semantic constraints for procedural generation of virtual worlds
Ruben Smelik, Krzysztof Galka, Klaas Jan De Kraker, Frido Kuijper and Rafael Bidarra

Lessons in User Interface Design in the Procedural City Generation for Games Tool Ürban PAD
Lionel Barret, Claudia Vance and G. Michael Youngblood

Procedural filters for customization of virtual worlds
Tim Tutenel, Roland Van Der Linden, Marnix Kraus, Bart Bollen and Rafael Bidarra

5:30pm - Workshop Ends